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Road Names, Addresses, and Mapping

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The GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Department assigns and verifies all addresses in the County that fall outside of the city limits of Grovetown and Harlem. Addresses are assigned and should be posted according to a standard set of rules to help make sure you can be found quickly in a time of need.

  • Driveway access determines your address
  • Posted numbers must be visible from both directions on the road with no weeds or other items blocking their view
  • Posted numbers should be mounted on pole or mailbox on either side of a driveway entrance
  • Reflective numbers are helpful for night visibility, but are not required
  • The size of number and where you post your number is affected by the type of building
    • Commercial
    • Single family residential
    • Multi-family residential
    • The details the different requirements

Have a question? Please email the Addressing team or give us a call at (706) 868-3421.

Road Names

Road names are as vital as address numbers for emergency response. The GIS Department also coordinates all public and private road names in the County that fall outside the city limits of Grovetown and Harlem.  Road names are reviewed and approved according to a standard set of rules to help make sure you can be found quickly in a time of need.

  • Public or private roads that provide access to three or more structures should be assigned a name
  • No two roads should have the same name or names that are too similar sounding
  • Road names should not be too difficult to spell or too difficult to pronounce

Have a question or a road that needs a name? Please email the Road Name teamKết quả xổ số thủ đô 30 ngày or give us a call at (706) 868-3421.

GPS (Global Positioning Service) Program

The GIS Department leads the County GPS Program, which is used to keep track of the location of County owned utilities.  Our program is different from others because our Reference Station is a part of the .

  • We operate a Trimble Alloy CORS (Continuously Operating Reference Station)
    • Zephyr 3 Geodetic antenna
    • Broadcasts one second positions from GPS and GLONASS constellations
    • The provides additional information
  • Data corrections provided
    • Free Single-Base real time corrections provided via IP for GNSS data
    • Subscription based real time corrections provided through the Trimble VRS NowTM Network
    • Free CORS differential correction after data has been collected in the field
  • Data correction formats
    • CMR+
    • RTCM v2.3 and DGPS
    • RTCM v3.0
  • Reference Station Connection Request Form

Have a question or need permissions for corrections? Please email the GPS teamKết quả xổ số thủ đô 30 ngày or give us a call at (706) 868-3421.

Other Programs and Services

Kết quả xổ số thủ đô 30 ngàyThe GIS Department also provides many other services to County departments and the public:

  • Our data and programs help make sure other County departments are serving our community to the best of their ability
  • Our software can print custom maps as needed for County employees and members of our community
  • Our web GIS program allows us to build interactive maps for you to view information you find important

Contact Us

Have a question for our department? Please email the GIS team or give us a call at (706) 868-3421. 

Kết quả xổ số thủ đô 30 ngàyWant to speak with us in person? We're located halfway down the hallway on the first floor of Building C at:


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